Option 1


Time Dino 120cc
15 minutes 15,00 €


  • Required to complete the Statement of Responsibility (download hereby the Parent of the child;
  • The child should have minimum height of 1,20 meters.



Option 2

Exclusivity Track:

  • Junior Track booking for 1 hour - 200,00 € (regardless of the number of children);
  • 4 Karts are available;
  • Karts come in various sizes for use by children of various heights, it is up to the instructor to select the kart to use for each child;
  • For safety reasons and for each case it is the instructor who defines the number of go-karts that can circulate at the same time;
  • On weekends the time available for reservations is from 14h to 15h or in the morning at a time of choice;
  • Room rental for snack - 50,00 €.

All children will have to accompany their parents, or disclaimer, mentioned below, duly completed and signed, with copy of ID of the person (Father or Mother).